Adorable Young Doctor Cares For Injured Pup

Between scheduling the appointment, getting him in the car, dragging him in once he realizes you're not taking him to the dog park — getting your dog to the doctor's office can be a real pain. Unless the exam takes place right on your couch in a bed of cozy blankets, and your doctor just so happens to be an adorable little girl.

Meet Laura and her beagle Charlie. They do everything together from eating breakfast at the kitchen table to digging in the sandbox, and that includes playing doctor. When Charlie recently hurt his paw on playing on some frozen grass, Laura rushed in to care for her puppy patient.

Dressed in a white Doctor's coat, Laura gently wrapped Charlie's paw with gauze and used a sock to protect it. Charlie was the ideal patient and sat perfectly still while the doctor worked her magic. After a few pats on the head, she tucked Charlie in with a blanket and crawled in next to him.

The inseparable pair document their daily adventures via their Facebook and Instagram page, which has almost 2k likes. With every "awww" inspiring picture and cute video, it's clear that they know a dog really is man's little girl's best friend.