9 Spring Training Dogs We Want To Take Us Out To The Ball Game

Winter is the literal worst, but for these doggos, a glimmer of hope beckons just over the horizon: catchers and pitchers will soon report to 30 Major League camps across Florida and Arizona.

Dog ready for baseball
credit: Sausalito/iStock/GettyImages

Here then are nine diamond dogs eagerly awaiting the return of baseball — and with it sunshine, home runs, and lazy afternoons at the old ballpark.

1. At the top of the order is this furry dog in a baby sling. He's not dozing, just resting his eyes when the manager brings in a never-ending series of situational relief pitchers mid-inning.

Dog dozes in baby carrier at MLB baseball game
No, but seriously, where are my sunglasses?
credit: MLB

2. The second slugger in our lineup is a dog dressed as a hot dog eating a hot dog during the dog days of summer. You're welcome.

Dog dressed as hot dog eats hot dog at baseball game
Basically the equivalent of baseball dog Inception
credit: MLB

I want to stress that the rest of the video from which this GIF was cut is equally adorable. Watch it here.

3. Batting third: this wiener dog dashing pellmell around the infield at a minor league game in El Paso. While he was called out for straying from the base path, he'll always have a home in our dugout.

Wiener dog dashes around baseball diamond
credit: El Paso Chihuahuas

4. The cleanup spot is typically reserved for a squad's most powerful hitter. On our team, we take a more literal approach: Starting in place of the traditional bat boy, bat dog here fetches the lumber after each at-bat.

College baseball tournament replaces bat boy with bat dog
Some dogs like sticks and branches; this one favors bats
credit: ACC Digital Network


Baseball dog licks reporter's head
Reporters gotta do anything and everything for the scoop, amirite?
credit: MLB on Tumblr

6. Scouts like the wheels on this dog — he covers the distance from home to first base in 3.2 seconds, which beats the league average by a full second — but they have serious concerns about his arm strength or ability, to well, even grip the ball.

Surfing dog "throws" out the first pitch at a Dodgers' game
When you call your dog home and he comes running
credit: MLB Cut4

7. In the seven-hole is this excitable German shepherd. He likes chasing balls, but ~loves~ arguing balls and strikes.

Dog argues ball and strikes with umpire
Best. Catch. Ever.
credit: GIPHY

8. You might be cool but you'll never be as cool as this baseball dog with a green mohawk.

9. At the bottom of the order is this chill AF bull terrier. The only time she loses her cool is when the batter fails to drive in the runner from third with less than two outs. (Because fundamentals, yo.)

Bull terrier is very chill lap dog
She's not mad, just disappointed
credit: MLB

Our headline promised 9 pups but the score is tied so we're going into extra innings!

10. Literal baseball cap + doggles = fierce squad aesthetic

11. When you can't catch the ball because you can't catch the dog.

Dog steals softball mitt
This is what ...
credit: WOUAthletics

When you can't catch the ball because you can't catch the dog, part 2.

Dog steals second softball mitt
... happiness ...
credit: WOUAthletics

They knew from the scouting report that the pooch could swipe a base or two, but after a long streak of successful attempts, he finally got caught stealing.

Baseball dog caught stealing baseball glove
... looks like.
credit: WOUAthletics

12. Warning: this is v. cute and you won't be unable to unsee it.