Huge Family Of Rescue Pets Welcomes New Human Brother

Kasey Boggs and her husband are huge animal lovers. So much so that they have five rescue pets — four dogs and a cat. They've also had several other rescue pets throughout their life, including some adorable ducks.

The animals were introduced to a brand new pet recently — their new baby human brother, Sonny Laurent Boggs. Sonny was born on Christmas Eve, and his older siblings took to him immediately.

Kasey and her husband have been rescuing animals for over ten years. Their story is exceptional because all of their animals have always gotten along amazingly well, even letting the couple dress them up and take family photos together. The couple knew intuitively that their animals' gentle nature would extend to their new son as well.

Each of Sonny's siblings has their own special way of showing their affection toward the newborn. Mia the cat likes to be super close to Sonny to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Roxy, the first dog the family adopted, loves to take naps with her baby brother.

The family also enjoys dressing up together.

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