6 Dogs Who Can’t Catch But Are Really Really Cute

Some dogs love to play fetch, others don't. And some dogs love to play fetch, but they're really, really bad at it. Twitter user Al Baker has been trying to explain to people just how uncoordinated his dog is for ages and now he has the perfect video proof.

In the slow-motion video, you can see Al throw a ball for his dog and then everything goes down hill from there. He doesn't throw the ball far (really, he just bounces it), but the dog just CAN'T get himself together to catch it. It's equal parts adorable and hilarious.

Al's dog isn't the only pet who struggles with coordination. Here are five more who just can't get it together.

This guy wants to catch some food, but just...can't.

This dog's eyes during his lack of coordination are PRICELESS.

This dog doesn't even seem to know how to play catch.

So much adorable. So little coordination.

This is just fundamentally not how you play catch.