These 21 Napping Kittens Are The Moment Of Self Care You Need

Do you desperately need a nap — um, we mean a moment of self care — after a long and stressful week? Take a nod from these nodding-off cats who know a thing or two about powering through the day with lots and lots of sleep.

Is it Caturday yet? Because we are so ready.

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1. Kik'n back, yo!

2. This floor needs our sleeps.

3. ALL the sleeps!

4. I haz your bed now.

5. I haz your bed now too.


7. You bet giraffe I likes naps.

8. ZzzZzzZzzZzzZzzZzzZzzZzz

9. Why you woked me up?

10. Wake me when it's bedtime.

11. Team: synchronize sleeps!

12. I a cup full of cuddlez

13. All this nap is making me sleepy.

14. This warm blanket just gets me.

15. Fell asleep hugging you.

16. Sleeping mode: activated.

17. Finally, I understands why we haz humans.

18. I woke up once. It was awful.

19. Num Num Num Num ...

20. Don't move pleaz; I sleep now.

21. #SquadGoals

BONUS NAPS: Wake up? Are you otter your mind!?!

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1. Kik'n back, yo!