4 Classic Movie Scenes Recast With Cats Are The Binge-Watch Of Your Dreams

Last week, we brought you The Empire Scratches Back, a brilliant video that put a feline twist on the still-shocking "I Am Your Father" scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back recast with cats
credit: Pasdidée

With more than 347,000+ views at YouTube, the clip was a viral smash, finding favor with both readers and the staff of Cuteness alike.

So we were totally stoked to learn that Pasdidée, the editor behind the project, had filtered three more of our favorite movie moments — excuse us, meow-ments — through a similar treatment.

Included amongst them is the 1960 horror classic, Psycho, which was retitled Psycat (because, ya know, puns).

Psycho recast with cats
credit: Pasdidée

And 1997's Titanic, reborn as Ticatnic.

Titantic recast with cats
credit: Pasdidée

With a worldwide gross of $2,186,772,302 (that's a lot of kitty litter!), Titanic remains the 2nd most popular film of all time. Which is fitting because, by the numbers, Ticatnic is this YouTuber's 2nd most viewed vid.

Also coming in for furry parody was The Lion King (1994), which just seems very apropos.

The Lion King recast with cats
credit: Pasdidée

Embedded below: all of the clips GIF'd above!

Psycat / Views to date: 624,134

Ticatnic / Views to date: 392,044

Le Roi Chaton (French for 'The Kitten King') / Views to date: 170,0067

For good measure, here again is the editor's most recent remix, The Empire Scratches Back.

What flick should Pasdidée reimagine next? Reservoir Dogs? Apocalypse Meow? Garfield of Dreams? Share your thoughts in the comment section belowssssss!