German Shepherd Orders A Drink At Starbucks Like It’s NBD

We've all been late for work, but still needed to get that sweet caffeine fix despite being behind schedule. What do we do? We pop through a drive-thru for a quick coffee.

An adorable rescued German Shepherd named River Song was recently spotted doing just that: Ordering a drink at a Starbuck's drive-thru in Eagle River, Alaska where she is a regular.

River Song's drink of choice isn't a coffee, but rather a "puppuccino," which is an espresso-sized cup full of whipped cream that is just for dogs. It's on the coffee giant's secret menu and is free for dogs at most Starbuck's.

In the video, River Song leans out the window, takes the coffee cup in her mouth, and pops back into her human's ride to enjoy a tasty treat on a cold Alaskan day.

"She pretends to hold her own treat between her paws while mommy drives and runs errands," River Song's human, a woman named Ms Stewart, revealed to the Daily Mail.

"River regularly accepts puppuccinos at Starbucks," beamed Ms Stewart.

And can we blame her? This girl clearly has good taste.

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