20 Big Dogs Who Still Think They’re Little Puppies

According to Wikipedia, "a lapdog or lap dog is a dog that is both small enough to be held in the arms or lie comfortably on a person's lap and temperamentally predisposed to do so."

While this is true in theory, the reality of the sitch is very different (LOLs) because literally all dogs — no matter their size — think they're still lap dogs.

Here then are 21 gentle giants that just want to curl up in, around, or on your lap. They might not be puppies anymore, but that doesn't mean they don't want to cuddle with you any less.

1. Loves to Netflix, snuggle, and chill.

2. Sitting, but not necessarily fitting.

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3. FACT: Big lapdogs > Big laptops

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4. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine / You make me happy when skies are gray ... "

5. What kind of monster could say no to a face like that?

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6. Good luck convincing this big dog he isn't a puppy anymore.

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7. When Face Swap won't work because the dog's head eclipses yours.

8. This big dog doubles as a fluffy blanket.

9. *X-Wing pilot voice* Look at the SIZE of that thing!

10. Even when you're in a different seat and they have one of their own, some dogs still have designs on your lap.

11. RIP this girl that just got pancaked by a giant English mastiff.

12. That can't be comfortable for either of them.

Big dog thinks it's a lap dog
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13. Or her (expressions of happiness notwithstanding).

Big dog thinks it's a lap dog
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14. This canine contortionist just wants to cuddle everyone all at once.

Big dog lap dog isn't a puppy no more
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15. Sweet doggy dreams are made of these.

Big dog smushes owner
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16. At home or on the road, big dogs are hardwired to find a lap to sit on.

Big dog lap dog in a car
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17. Is there room here on the couch for meeeeeeeeeee?

18. "I have decided that you will be my personal pillow." -- this dog

Big dog lap dog Scooch over
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19. When nap time becomes lap time!

As the saying goes: once a lap dog, always a lap dog. Share pics of your cuddle buddy in the comments below!