New Dog Mom Proudly Shares Her Babies With Her Foster Mom

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When the pit bull Grayce was taken in by Rescue Rover in Utah, she was already pregnant. Two weeks later, she gave birth to a whole litter of little bundles of joy while in a foster home. And to celebrate, she gently placed each and every one of them on her foster mom's lap.

Grayce's foster mom, Stevoni Wells Doyle, shared the video of the interaction on Facebook.

You can see how careful and excited Grayce is as she takes each of her new babies and places them in Stevoni's lap. Even though she's happily covered in puppies, the foster mom can't seem to figure out Grayce's reasoning. The sweet little yelps combined with Grayce lovingly placing her head in Stevoni's lap make this entire video unbelievably charming.


Grayce makes sure to leave no pup behind. Just when you think the foster mom's lap is completely full, Grayce goes over and grabs another of her babies. And then she does it again. And each time she pulls out another puppy, it's a reminder of just how precious life can really be.

The puppies seem plenty comfortable hanging out in Stevoni's lap while Grayce cuddles with all of them. In fact, that's where the little ones stayed when they all later visited the vet.


Understandably, there has been a lot of interest in Grayce's adorable babies. If they're anything like their mother, they'll be caring, loving sweethearts.

Rescue Rovers is delighted about the puppy demand, but they've made it clear they won't even start the adoption process for any of them until they're at least a month old.