Cat Comes Home With Note From Mysterious Second Family

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We've all heard of sending notes via carrier pigeon, but what about doing it by way of cat collar?

One pet owner found a mysterious note attached to his cat's collar after she came home from another long day of roaming the neighborhood. With the words "please read" written in capital letters on the front, he slowly unfolded the note, not quite sure what to expect.

Instead of an angry rant about his cat chasing birds or pooping in a neighbors yard, it was actually more of a love letter. Whew!


Apparently his cat frequently hangs out at a neighbor's house and partakes in the free food and head scratches multiple times a day. The neighbors simply wanted to know the cat's name (Nala) and where she lives, just in case there's an emergency.

This guy's got some great neighbors and should feel lucky that his cat's having an affair with such nice people.


He says he's going to reply to the neighbors with another note on Nala's collar and will report back. Hopefully he'll also get her a tag to go along with that collar, you know, in case of emergency.