Hero Dog Saves His Black Lab Buddy From River

Poc may look like a regular yellow labrador, but this beautiful dog from Córdoba, Argentina is actually a very special furry friend.

Recently, during a playful trip with his people to a river, Poc's bravery was put to the test. His black lab buddy jumped into the river to fetch a stick. But before anyone knew it, the black labrador was pulled into the rushing river rapids.

Thinking on his four feet, Poc immediately grabbed the stick his friend was holding onto and helped pull his pal safely onto the dry land.

Poc's owner, Rafael Franciulli, posted the footage of the heroic feat. He even slowed the video down so you can see how Poc moved quickly and without any hesitation to help his friend.

And if you're concerned about the black lab's safety while the humans look on and let Poc do all the work, that's a valid criticism. But Franciulli posted more videos from the day that make it clear Poc and his friend were not in dangerous or deep waters. He also assured viewers that these two are great in the water and know this area well.

If Poc hadn't saved his buddy from that rapid, he would have just ended up in a calm and shallow pool below. But, it would have probably been a lot scarier experience. So everyone is obviously still very grateful to the courageous Poc.

Poc is impressive on so many levels.

We're sure his owner is proud of his gallant nature and that his dog buddy is forever indebted to his fearless friend.