We All Win When Rival Zoos Compete For Cutest Animal

We've all had front row seats to our fair share of Twitter wars these past few months, but here's one you'll hope drags out as long as possible.

It all started when the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. tweeted out a press release and picture to introduce their adorable gray seal pup that was born on January 21st.

Sarah Hill, self-proclaimed animal lover and co-host of the pop culture podcast Popped, saw the opportunity for a viral face-off and upped the ante by challenging her local aquarium to tweet out an even cuter photo.

What ensued was a #cuteanimaltweetoff that quickly escalated into a war of the world's cutest animals with zoos from all corners of the country chiming in to participate in the showdown.

From a koala in Miami to a fashionably late sloth in L.A., the competition was getting thicker by the second and no one wanted to be left out.

Even our neighbors to the north couldn't sit back and watch without getting their paws wet.

While the battle rages on with new animals stepping up to the plate every day, this is one war we can all get on board with.

Bronx Zoo

Columbus Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo

Monterey Aquarium

Los Angeles Zoo

Como Zoo

Cleveland Zoo