11 Animals Who Ruined Valentine's Day

Planning the perfect Valentine's Day isn't easy, especially when you factor in all the ways your animal friends might interfere. Here are some things to look out for.

1. Remember that cute teddy bear? Hope you bought an extra!

French bulldog sits next to destroyed stuffed animal.
credit: Reddit

2. If you're planning a romantic proposal in the woods, maybe leave the dog at home.

3. A trip to the vet is a surefire way to make a memorable Valentine's Day.

Two dogs posed with a sign that says "I stole chocolate covered strawberries off the table and shared them with my big sister! Happy Valentine's Day, Mom!"
credit: Dog Shaming

4. If you've got a cat, it doesn't matter where you put the bouquet. They will find a way to knock it over.

Cat sitting on pile of dirt, flowers, and broken pottery.
credit: Cheezburger

5. Make sure the dog doesn't form an emotional bond with the fancy lobster dinner.

Dog is protective of lobster.
credit: Imgur

6. This little pup just wants to help.

French bulldog next to rose petals with a sign that says "I ate my daddie's roses!!"
credit: Dog Shaming

7. Maybe those were sub-par roses. Did you think of that? Hmm?

Dog in a crate with a sign that says "I ate the roses mom got for Valentines Day"
credit: Dog Shaming

8. Nothing kills the mood like a cat with a judge-y face.

Cat watches man and woman kissing.
credit: Gifsee

9. Who doesn't love a romantic carriage ride? The horses, apparently.

Horses drawing carriage flip out.
credit: Youtube

10. Maybe the solution is to let your kitty participate in the V-Day festivities.

Cat sits next to litter box with heart-shaped pee stain.
credit: Imgur

11. Just make sure the cat doesn't steal the show.

Cat poses with red tulips.
credit: Imgur