12 Animals Who Are So In Love We Can’t Handle It

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Love is in the air for both humans and our adorable friends in the animal kingdom, who are sneaking smooches, boops, and cuddles on the regular.

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We could really learn a thing or two from critters about keeping romance alive. So, for your consideration: 15 amorous animals who are head over heels in love for Valentine's Day.


Video of the Day

1. These literal lovebirds.

2. These dogs who are basically Romeo and Juliet, but with a way happier ending, of course.

3. These leopard geckos who appear to be kissing on the dance floor of a club. Or in a reptile tank. One of the two.

4. These vervet monkeys who are really going at it. Seriously guys, get a room.

5. These deer who will make you actually want to take a walk in a forest for Valentine's Day.

6. This dog and pig who both prove that love knows no bounds, including the bounds of species.

7. Or this dog and dolphin, who know that love also doesn't know the bounds of "things that live on land" and "things that live in the water."

Watch the video here — it's incredible!


8. These parrots who are apparently French.

9. These chinchillas who are here to remind you that chinchilla love is one of the cutest forms of love.

10. These otters who have mastered the "kiss your partner on their way out the door to go to work" kiss.

11. These manatees who know that cheek kisses are some of the sweetest kisses.

12. These bunnies who have seen that old Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie one too many times.

13. These kissyface polar bears doing their best to warm up the Arctic.

14. These capybaras who aren't afraid to engage in very PDAs.

15. These fantastic flamingos forming a heart sign.


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