20 Animals Who Are Having A Worse Valentine's Day Than You

Sure, it's supposed to be holiday celebrating love. But for many, Valentine's Day can be a bummer. And these emotional animals totally get where you're coming from when your heart is feeling down in the dumps on Cupid's big day.

Bored little cat
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So take solace in their mutual sadness. And hopefully you'll get some pleasure out of their natural adorableness.

1. This pug tries to smile when people say "Happy Valentine's Day," but he can't hide its true feelings.

sad pug
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2. This pup knows that putting on some red hearts won't fix his broken one.

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3. This dog is not about to be shut out by his two buddies, even if only have eyes for each other.

golden balls
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4. This little guy has "third wheeling" down to an art.

third wheel
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5. He's got the flowers, but is missing the Valentine.

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6. Some animals DGAF about breaking a couple up.

monkey jerk
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7. When you really want to join your best friends on their date, but you know they're doing fine without you.

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8. This love doctor's only prescription is wallowing.

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9. This cat swears he's over his ex and never checks her Facebook. Okay, maybe once in a while – just out of curiosity.

cat stalker
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10. This furry friend knows what it's like to feel unappreciated.

dog wings
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11. All that catnip has this four-legged friend wanting to text the one that got away.

12. This dog heard about everyone else's fun Valentine's Day and remembered he has none.

13. This cat does not want your pity handouts.

cat strawberry
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14. Just doing his best to pretend to be interested in the story of how you met your significant other.

sad cat
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15. This dog wishes his totally in-love roommates would tone it down.

16. When you get caught buying Valentine's chocolate for yourself.

dog thief
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17. This cat is all of us after scrolling through social media on Valentine's Day.

emo cat
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18. This dog does not want you to remind him that his goal was to be in a relationship by Valentine's Day this year.

19. This bunny literally can't even.

lazy bunny
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20. Sure, this dog will play along with your Valentine's Day fun and games, but you'll pay for this with some funky poops in the near future.

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