Cats Feuding With Mini-Drones Is Why We Open The Laptop In The Morning

This is Prince Leopold the cat. According to his human dad, Brad Brok, Leopold is "part Russian blue, part tabby [and] all gray with bits of white fluff on his tummy. "

The duo lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where Brok designs "small first-person-view aircraft" — aka mini-drones — under the name Tiny Whoop.

Unlike most drone manufacturers, Brok includes pets in the research and design process. And we should be thankful he does because Leopold LOVES to give chase and swat at them.

Even better: These cat-and-flying-mouse-games have been captured on video!

This GIF is a good example of the interplay between animal and machine.

Leopold the cat chases mini-drone
credit: BrokFPV

As is this one which captures Leopold dashing pell-mell the length of a hallway.

Leopold the cat chases mini-drone down hallway
credit: BrokFPV

And finally this one, which reveals just how handsome ( writer swoons ) he is.

Leopold the cat swats at mini-drone
credit: BrokFPV

Uploaded to YouTube earlier in the week, this video of Leopard hauling ass around the apartment he shares with Brok has been viewed nearly 80,000 times!

While this second clip hasn't spread as far, the technical specs in the description afford a closer look at what's needed to build and fly drones.

[Video h/t: Tastefully Offensive]

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