Just 25 Cats Snuggling With Their Favorite Stuffed Animals

Can you even handle the cuteness here? CAN YOU REALLY???

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"Rudy hugs her favorite mouse toy." — Cats of Instagram

Snuggle time!

"Nighttime snuggles with my ducky." — Oliver Tabbycat

Just a cat and his stuffed animal!

"My ducky is my very first toy!" — Oliver Tabbycat

She's ready to play!

Someone fell asleep with their favorite stuffy!

Sleepy Sunday

Let's get to cuddling!

Snuggle buddies!

Just three little snugglers.

Daily dose of cuteness.

Cats are too pure!

Nap time is the right time!

"I made a new friend today!" — Rory Cat

"Staying in tonight!" — Biscuit the Kitten


Jaws and paws!

Cute stuff!

"Give me back my stuffy, bro!" — this cat

Hold me tightly.

"Findlay Bear loves taking naps with his teddy bear!" — Cats of Instagram

Do not disturb the snuggle.

Room for one more?

Shhhhh ...


How Do Dogs Choose Whom To Snuggle With?

"Rudy hugs her favorite mouse toy." — Cats of Instagram