Cats Reacting To Turntables Is Mew-sic To Our Ears

Once thought to be deader than tree sales on the day after Christmas, vinyl records and turntables have come back HARD in the last couple of years. But how do cats feel about their resurgence?

Let's investigate.

They're a little curious ...

... and a lot confused. (And by "a lot" we mean hella.)

Skittish, you might call some of them.

"How doez moove?" they want to know.

A small number can't deal; they literally lose their damn minds at the sight of a spinning platter.

(Apparently, technology isn't always the reassuring panacea we think it is, amirite?)

Kitten on spinning turntable is scared AF
credit: GIPHY

But others are quick learners, they just need a helping hand to get the hang of scratching.

Because pretty much anyone can be a DJ...'s hot right now with the youths.

And, for sure, there are those that throw themselves into their new hobby earnestly — and with dizzying enthusiasm.

But in the appeal also lies the backlash: Some hater cats openly scoff at all these inexperienced wannabes.

Even if some felines on the fader have visions of superstardom in their head ...

DJ Cat fancies himself a superstar
credit: GIPHY

... the more realistic kitty DJs are just trying to tighten up skills and maybe put some food on their plate.

Still, no matter the motivations, it all comes back to the great tunes. As they say: Can't stop, won't stop.

Embedded below: a supercut of cats rocking the 1s and the 2s. Press play to watch!

Is vinyl more cat-chy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!