10 Cute Dog Costumes for Halloween

Trick-or-treating has literally gone to the dogs, so get Fido ready for some spooky fun by dressing him up for the occasion. Don't bother buying a costume at your local pet store for him when you can make one of these adorable pet costumes yourself. In one of these stylish outfits, even if your pooch doesn't perform any tricks, he's likely to rack up tons of treats because he'll look so cute.

Puppies Dressed for Halloween
Who could resist giving treats to this four-legged skeleton on Halloween?
credit: Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media


10. Bat Dog

Fido is ready to fly in this costume.
credit: Laura Moss

Not all dogs enjoy wearing costumes, so these simple, light-weight wings give you the option to dress up Fido without restricting his movement. With just a little cardboard and paint, you can create wings that will make him the perfect Dark Knight or vampire pup for the evening.

9. Spooky Skeleton

Puppies Dressed for Halloween
With just a few supplies, you can create a homemade skeleton costume for your pup.
credit: Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media

Forget giving your dog a bone because now your pooch can dress up as a collection of them. With a little pup-safe paint, you can turn your canine companion into a spooky walking skeleton. If Fido won't sit around for a painting session, simply cut bones out of white felt and adhere them to a black hoodie to create a custom costume that is tailored to your pooch.


8. Dogasaurus Rex

Fido will be dinosaurable in his Jurassic-pooch costume.
credit: marthastewart.com

Your pooch will be sure to scare up the treats this Halloween wearing this ferocious dinosaur outfit. Whether he's big or little, you can customize a size-appropriate simple green tank top into a dogasaurus costume for your canine companion by adding some felt spikes down the back.

7. Dapper Dog

It's all business for this handsome pooch.
credit: Sam Henderson, hgtv.com

Get your pup ready to network at your Halloween party in this dapper business suit. Take an old tie and shirt and turn it into the perfect work ensemble for Fido. Your little businessman is more than likely to become a mover and shaker at your celebration -- a mover and shaker of treats that is.

6. Canine Wonder Woman

She also has an invisible airplane there, you just can't see it.
credit: niqqi.wordpress.com

You know that your canine companion is a little superhero, so why not show this off to the world with a homemade Wonder Woman costume? Your super pooch will steal the spotlight in this costume, complete with tiara and magic cuffs to repel bullets, but not tummy rubs. With some felt, fabric glue, cardboard and metallic paint, your pup will soon turn into a super heroine with no sewing required.

5. Doggie Taco

Everyone will be saying “yo quiero” to this cute little taco.
credit: smallhomebigstart.com

Whether he's a Chihuahua or a German shepherd, your pup will be one of the cutest pieces of food on four legs with this taco-themed ensemble. A little felt and some hook-and-loop fasteners can turn your pooch into a spicy Mexican dish just in time for Halloween.

4. Lucky Canine Ladybug

She's the biggest and luckiest ladybug you'll find.
credit: Carla Wiking, diynetwork.com

This is one bug you'll definitely want to find at your party. Your pup will be cuter than a bug in a rug when she wears this ladybug costume. With a little felt, pom-poms and pipe cleaners, your pooch will transform into a colorful bug in no time flat.

3. Sushi Poochi

Hey, this sushi is moving.
credit: Jennifer McCaffrey, eatsleepmake.com

Your pup will be on a roll, a sushi roll that is, when Halloween comes around if he wears this costume. With some felt, a towel, stuffing and hook-and-loop fasteners, create a stuffed sushi "fish" over some "rice" to strap around your pooch's tummy and back. Your little sushi roll will be the yummiest and most adorable "snack" at the party.

2. Spaghetti and Pup Sauce

I'll take that pup with a side of garlic bread.
credit: costume-works.com

Forget the traditional hot dog costume and opt to dress your pooch like a yummy bowl of spaghetti and meatballs instead. A few mop heads and some painted foam balls create a costume that will make your pup the cutest complete meal at the party this Halloween.

1. Chia Pet Pup

Is that a pooch or a plant?
credit: Stacie Tamaki, www.CutestDogEver.com

You've seen Chia pet plants that look like dogs and now you can dress your dog to look like a Chia pet. Use pet-safe aquarium plants to create the body of this Chia pup suit and felt for the base and legs. No water is required to watch this little guy grow into the best-dressed pooch at the Halloween party.