5 Genius Tricks for Hiding Your Cat's Litter Box

If it were up to Sad Clown, your Scottish Fold, the litter box would be placed in plain view and hailed as a monument to his bodily functions. Your feelings, however, are less positive. Since you've already eliminated nasty smells with Fresh Step's new Febreze-powered odor-control, it's now time to hide the litter box.

Chic kitty litter box
credit: Modko

1. The MINI Cabinet by Modernist Cat

For lovers of midcentury design, this little piece by Modernist Cat will fit beautifully into your existing decor -- and provide a functional surface to boot. Made from solid maple with mortise & tenon joints, it's an investment piece for sure.

2. The Flip Litter Box by Modko

Another solution? Instead of hiding the box, just make sure the box itself looks cool. This fully self-contained system comes with a built-in flip top that's easy to lift and close, and would look great in a modern, clean bathroom.

Modko Flip Litter Box
credit: Modko

3. DIY Cat Cave

All you need is a piece of furniture with two sides and a top, some cute curtains, and a tension rod to create a cute, private space for your kitty to do his business. Simply hem the curtains to the correct length, then use the tension curtain to hang them across the front of the opening.

curtain and desk
credit: Target

4. Space-Saving Corner Cabinet

If you live in a small home, wall space may be difficult to come by. But odds are you have a lonely corner that could accommodate something--like this triangular litter-hider made from solid wood. Put a plant or lamp on top of it and you've maximized space and style.

5. Mox Litter Tower

While the Mox Litter Tower may not actually make the litter area less noticeable, it does add a pop of color and an interesting design element. Keeps curious dogs away from the litter while helping your cat stay clean.