7 Most Ridiculous (But Totally Awesome) Beds for Your Pet

By Esther Carlstone

Money can't buy love, but that doesn't stop the overly avid pet owner from trying. Whether these creative, extravagant, truly indulgent beds say "I love my pet" or "I have this gaping abyss in my soul that I try to fill with weird purchases," well, that's for you to decide.

7. Luxury Versailles Pagoda Bed

Let them eat cake!

The Posh Puppy Boutique

Posh Puppy Boutique

It's not spoiling them if they really deserve it, right?

6. Teardrop Dog Bed

Glamping for dogs!



Perfect for the high-class camper with $2500 to spare: a vintage teardrop trailer for your pampered pup.

5. The iBed

This is one computer you'll never have to restart.

Atomic Attic

Atomic Attic

Even cats prefer Macs… who knew?! (Apparently Etsy seller Atomic Attic.)

4. Cat Tree House

Best. Treehouse. Ever.



Because when you say "cat tree," you should mean it literally.

3. Laps of Luxury Pet Bed

There are no words...

Doghouse Studios

Dog House Studios

Perfect for dogs with separation anxiety and low fashion standards.

2. Star Wars Landspeeder Cat Bed

Because awesome.

Roxy's Dream

Roxy's Dream

Custom-built for a lucky cat named Padme.

1. Croc Bed

For the true devotee.


Sasquatch Pet Beds

Not for everyone, but you can't argue with the comfort factor.