9 Things Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You

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There's no knowing what goes on inside a cat's brain, but we're pretty sure every pet owner has wondered and at times feared what their pet is thinking. We're decoding common cat thoughts because there's more to that "meow" than you might think.


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This is what your cat is trying to tell you when...

1. It's a little overweight and gets stuck in the cat flap.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten the neighbor's food!"

2. It's slowly knocking your coffee mug off the table, despite your most stubborn commands against doing so.

"I'm not sure I understand this word, 'No'..."


3. It's kindly decorating your house with a roll of toilet paper.

"I've been busy while you were at work! Isn't it wonderful?!"

4. You're the best owner in the world and leave an empty box for it to play with.

"I could stay in here ALL day, just bring me food and water!"

5. You make the terrible decision to use generic kitty litter.


"Ugh! How many times do I have to show this guy that I won't use anything but the best? Where is the Fresh Step!"

6. It's under attack by its own tail.

"Ahhhh! The creature is back! And it's attacking me!"

7. It's desperately trying to fit into a small opening, but can't quite get there.


"If I could just squeeze in a few more inches!"

8. You're torturing it with a nice bath in the kitchen sink.

"What have I done to deserve this!"

9. It's had a little too much catnip.

"I've made a big mistake."

Artwork: Ross Hilary