How to Assemble a Drop Pin Dog Crate

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Remove your dog's collar before placing him in his crate.


Make sure to lay out your pieces correctly so the front panel with the door will be in the right place.

Crates speak to a dog's roots as a den animal.
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A dog crate can be essential to house training your pet. Crates appeal to a dog's roots as a den animal, providing comfort and solace in times of anxiety, such as during inclement weather. A wire drop-pin crate, typically constructed of flat steel-mesh panels that join at the corners with pins you slide or drop into place, is easy to assemble even if you don't have much understanding of its mechanisms.

Step 1

Determine where you'll place your crate. For best results and ease of placement, assemble your crate close to where it will sit long-term.

Step 2

Place the bottom piece of the crate on the floor with hooks facing upward.


Step 3

Take the side piece with the rear panel of the crate attached and loop it into the hooks on the bottom panel. You'll accomplish this by laying the side panel flat on top of the bottom panel, then slowly raising the top of the side up at an angle so the bottom loops catch into hooks on the side of the bottom panel of the cage.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with the other side panel, laying it on its side and slowly raising it so the hooks on the bottom of the crate catch and hold the loops tightly.

Step 5

Insert the drop pins into the two corners of the drop pin crate where the panels are not attached. Do this slowly so the pin inserts properly and straight.


Step 6

Insert the droppings pan into the bottom of the crate. In some models, the droppings pan may slide into the crate through an opening at the bottom of the front panel. If your model allows for this, slide the droppings pan in and secure it with the hooks that should flip up and snap into place.

Step 7

Add the top by holding it with hooks in the downward position. Slide the hooks on the right side into place, then slip the other side into place by manipulating the top piece underneath the hooks on the left side.