The Best Bark Control Devices

Sometimes dogs engage in nuisance barking. This is problematic in a community that has no barking ordinances and can lead to hostility from neighbors. For continually barking dogs trainers may recommend extra attention in the form of walks and playtime along with discipline training. When these solutions do not work there are other control methods for nuisance barking.


Electronic Control

Helping a dog learn how to not bark constantly may require help from a battery-powered collar. The Train-Well No-Bark collar works when it feels the vibration of vocal cords in use. The collar gives a mild shock to stop the behavior.

Static Correction

The PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark collar works on two levels. First it will give a static signal when the dog engages in nuisance barking. But the software in the collar also tracks the frequency and pattern of barking for the dog and gives static signals as needed for the dog's learning pattern.

Spray Collar

Another collar used for barking control is the Anti-Bark Spray Collar. This device reduces barking by spraying out a citronella spray whenever the device detects barking by the dog. The sensing unit will set off the spray near the dog's nose, sending an unpleasant signal whenever the dog barks. Be prepared to refill the liquid container for the spray as needed.

Remote Device

The Dog Silencer Pro works to quiet a barking dog by emitting a high frequency sound. The device is activate when its sensors detect barking within its range. The device also comes with a remote to activate it manually. The device is powered by electricity with a separate 75 foot power cord or a 9 volt battery. The dark green color of the device allows it to be placed in a yard and not draw attention to it.