How to Braid a Halter

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • 20 feet of soft cotton cord

  • 10 feet of soft cotton cord in a contrasting color

  • Scissors

  • String

  • Tree or gatepost


Before using the halter, check that all joins and knots are tight. After the first use, check that there are no areas of rubbing on your horse's head.

Commercial halters are often made from nylon straps.

Halters are a type of horse headgear used for tying up and leading. Making your own basic adjustable halter is straightforward, and using braided rope allows you to customize the halter with your own choice of colors. Use different colors for each horse to make identifying the correct halter easier. Use soft cotton cord to prevent rubbing, and keep the tension firm as you braid to produce an even result. Make several of these simple halters and keep them in the car or at various points around the barn for emergency use.


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Step 1

Measure your horse. Run the measure around its nose about 4 inches above the nostrils, and then measure the distance from this point over its head behind the ears. The finished halter will be adjustable, but these measurements will give a starting point.

Step 2

Cut the 20-foot length of cord into two lengths of 10 feet each. Add in the third piece of cord, and tie the three pieces together in a loose knot about 6 inches from the end. Tie a piece of string around the knot, and tie the string to a fixed object such as a tree. This will help you keep the tension as you start to braid.


Step 3

Braid the cords together by passing the left-hand cord over the middle cord, and then the right hand cord over the middle cord. As you work down, you will see the braid start to grow. Keep the loose ends of the cords well spaced out on either side of you work, to prevent them from tangling. Continue braiding until you have created a length of braid about 6 inches long.

Step 4

Untie the string and the knot, so that the ends of the cord are loose. Fold the braid in half to form a loop, and line up the short loose ends with the main cords. Hook the loop round a solid point, and continue braiding working the short ends into the main body of the braid to anchor them.


Step 5

Continue braiding until the long length of cord is finished. Tie a knot in the end to prevent it unravelling. Feed the knotted end through the small loop to form a larger loop around 8 inches in diameter. This forms the nose band of the halter. Place it over your horse's nose to check size. Pass the long end of the braid over your horse's head behind the ears, and tie a knot where it joins the nose band. The loose end of the rope becomes a lead rein, allowing you to tie the horse up if you wish.