How to Breed a Pet Parakeet

By Cuteness Team

How to Breed a Pet Parakeet. Breeding your pet parakeets can be easier than it seems. If you provide the right conditions for your pet, your parakeets will breed successfully. Proper nutrition and a good nest box will stimulate your parakeet's urge to breed, so if you dedicate yourself to your pet's well-being, you'll be rewarded with a healthy brood.

Sex Your Parakeets

Step 1

Plan on buying a "true pair" in order to breed your parakeets.

Step 2

Know that blue parakeets will have a bright blue cere, or upper beak area.

Step 3

Expect that your male parakeet's cere to be pink if he is a white and yellow parakeet. You'll need to ask a bird professional to sex white and yellow birds, because the ceres are very similar in color.

Step 4

Look for a rough cere on parakeets. On any color bird, this indicates that it's a female and ready for breeding.

Step 5

Breed parakeets aged around ten to eleven months old, which is the ideal age to begin breeding them.

Buy a Breeding Cage

Step 6

Look for a breeding cage before you've brought your birds home. They will require an extra large cage to breed successfully.

Step 7

Prepare the nest box for your parakeets. Look for a box with a single entry area that measures approximately eight inches square. Do not add the nest box to the cage until you are ready to breed your parakeets.

Step 8

Add ceramic food dishes to your breeding cage.

Breed Your Parakeets

Step 9

Watch your parakeets closely to determine when you should prepare the cage for mating. You will know when your parakeets have pair bonded when you see one feeding the other and doing a special "dance" that includes mounting the other one.

Step 10

Feed your parakeets a special fortified mix to prepare them for breeding. Choose a blend of seeds prior to egg laying, and a soft food mix afterwards. This can be purchased at any quality pet store.

Step 11

Begin feeding your parakeets their fortified mix a few months before breeding.

Step 12

Add your nest box to the cage when you see that the pair of parakeets has bonded.

Step 13

Provide soft nesting material in the cage. You can purchase a nesting mix and leave a little in a dish in the parakeet's cage, and they will begin to build the nest on their own.

Step 14

Watch your male bird after your female parakeet lays eggs. He will enter the nest box to feed her, and she will only exit the nest box to drink water or defecate.

Step 15

Wait until the baby parakeets hatch and mature. They'll almost be the same size as their parents when they emerge from the nest.