How to Build a Cat Enclosure

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Things You'll Need

  • Twenty five untreated 2-by-4s, 8 feet long

  • Circular saw

  • Measuring tape

  • 4-inch wood screws

  • 3-inch wood screws

  • Power screwdriver

  • Roll of galvanized wire, 1-by-1-by-48

  • Wire cutters

  • Staple gun

  • Two door hinges

  • Door handle

  • Hook and eye latch

  • L-shaped brackets


Always choose untreated wood for pet-related projects. Treated wood may contain toxins, which are unsafe for pets.

Keep tools away from children.

Wear protective eyewear when operating a circular saw.


Place stools, shelving and toys inside your enclosure.

A cat enclosure allows for outdoor play, while keeping your feline friends safe from danger.
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A happy cat is one who sits on a windowsill and dreams of the opportunity to have just a moment with a passing bird. Cats are naturally drawn to the outdoors, which can hold great danger for your feline. A cat enclosure can provide your kitty with the opportunity to be outside, while providing the safety that being inside offers.

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Step 1

Measure your space and determine where you'll place your cat enclosure. You may want to place it directly outside a window to allow your cat to enter the enclosure through the window, or install a cat door for entry. If practical, place your enclosure under an existing roof, such as on your patio.

Step 2

Determine the slope of your topography using your level. If your space isn't level, your panels won't meet the ground. Place your enclosure in the most level spot available, preferably on a patio or deck. If you're placing your enclosure in a grassy area, consider sinking two corner posts and adding a 2-by-4 at the ground level to which you can secure your panels.


Step 3

Measure the halfway point on the length of seven of your 2-by-4s, using your measuring tape. Mark with your pencil.

Step 4

Cut each of the 2-by-4s at your pencil mark, using the circular saw.

Step 5

Measure 8 inches from the end of four 2-by-4s and mark with your pencil.

Step 6

Cut each of the 2-by-4s at your pencil mark, using the circular saw.


Step 7

Measure the halfway point of the 2-by-4s you cut in step 4 and mark with your pencil.

Step 8

Cut each of the 2-by-4s at your pencil mark, using the circular saw.

Step 9

Lay out two of your uncut 2-by-4s. Place them 4 feet apart. Place a 4-foot 2-by-4 you cut in step 3 on each end, creating a rectangle.

Step 10

Using the power screwdriver and 4-inch wood screws, attach the boards of your rectangle. Use two screws at each corner for maximum stability.


Step 11

Measure the length of your 8-foot board and place a mark at the 4-foot point.

Step 12

Place one of the 2-by-4s you cut in step 7 across the width of the rectangle, at its center point. Make sure the center point you marked with your pencil meets the center point of the 4-inch length of your short board.

Step 13

Attach the center board using the screwdriver and 4-inch wood screws.

Step 14

Roll out 8 feet of wire and cut the panel with the wire cutters. Do this carefully so you don't cut your hands.


Step 15

Staple the wire to the rectangle you completed in step 12. Place the staples approximately 2 inches apart. This will create one full panel.

Step 16

Create additional panels until you have enough panels to enclose your space, based on the measurements you made in step 1. The material list provided allows for seven 4-by-8 panels, creating a 8-by-12 enclosure for your cats.

Step 17

Attach the panels to each other using the 3-inch wood screws. Leave one final panel unattached.


Step 18

Attach the final panel with the door hinges so you'll have access to your cat enclosure. Cats aren't necessarily tidy, so you'll need access for housekeeping.

Step 19

Attach the door handle and hook and eye latch. Cats are notorious escape artists so you'll want to be sure to lock your door. If you plan to spend time with your felines inside their enclosure, consider putting a hook and eye latch on both sides of the door.

Step 20

Attach the cat enclosure to the side of your home using the brackets. Check with your home improvement store to determine the proper bracket or other fastener, depending upon your home's exterior.


Step 21

Create a roof using the wire, if no roof covering is available for your cat enclosure to be placed beneath. If your roof is taller than 8 feet, create longer panels by purchasing longer 2-by-4s.

Step 22

Secure your panels at ground level using brackets and wood screws for attaching to decking materials, or brackets and concrete screws for attaching to patios. Talk with your local home improvement store personnel. They can recommend the right fasteners for your ground cover.