How to Build a Cheap Dog Kennel

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How to Build a Cheap Dog Kennel
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Things You'll Need

  • For outdoor kennel:

  • Shovel

  • Fence material

  • Dog shelter

  • Cedar shavings

  • Food and water bowls

  • 60-watt light bulb and extension cord (optional)

  • Optional but important items

  • Toys and teething items for the dog


Do not place chains around the dog's neck or tether it to anything. Use a safe lead.


If you do not have experience building a fenced area, you may want to ask for professional help. Giving the dog proper toys and room to run will lead to a healthier life. If building a dog house or shelter yourself, do not use treated wood because the chemicals may harm the dog.

The following article is a step-by-step guide on how to build an affordable dog kennel for outdoor use.


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Step 1

The first thing involved in creating an outdoor kennel is to ensure the housing is up to laws and regulations for your county. The basic laws throughout America require a sturdy shelter and ample food and water for the dog.

After reviewing what is required, clean the outdoor area of any debris that may pose a threat to the dog.

Step 2

Measure the fencing material out for a reasonable area for the dog to move around.

Having only a small area for the dog can cause it to become stressed and even aggressive. More room will prevent the dog from becoming territorial.


Place the fence posts around the designated area and ensure the height of the fence is at least two times that of the dog, so that it may not jump out.

Some counties also require you to place a "beware of dog" sign on these kennels. This can also protect you from anyone trespassing on your property and possibly being bit.

Step 3

Place the shelter into the designated area. Shelters can range in price from $30 to $100 depending on the size required for the animal.


It's important to place cedar shavings or blankets in the shelter to prevent the dog from freezing or becoming too warm in the sun. Never use straw or pine needles. The dog can get mange from the moisture collected in them.

Step 4

Now all that is needed are the food and water bowls and optional toys to keep your dog busy. By providing a healthy amount of activities where the dog is being stimulated or socialized, there is a much better chance it will not become territorial.

Ensuring that the dog has food at least twice a day and water throughout the entire day will keep it healthy and active.


Step 5

To help warm the dog during the winter months, consider placing an outdoor 60-watt light bulb in the kennel. Be sure to use a waterproof extension cord to connect it to a power source. It would be a good idea would be to place wire mesh around the light bulb, or use an outdoor utility light caging area.

Step 6

If fencing costs too much, there is an option of purchasing a harness and shelter. This does not mean simply mean placing a collar and chain from post to dog, as this can harm the dog. Most retail pet stores sell proper harnesses that do not choke the animal, whereas collars can become tight as the dog grows older and grows fur.

Placing a stake into the ground with proper room for the dog to run and still gain access to its shelter is another alternative to fencing, but not as safe.