How to Build a Cow Sling

By Wes Duplantier

Cows, like other animals, are susceptible to a wide range of medical problems. Some of these problems make the cow immobile, which poses a certain challenge due to a cow's large size; you can't simply pick it up and carry it to the veterinary clinic like you can a house pet. Instead, you must fashion a sling large enough to fit around the cow and strong enough to lift its weight to move it for treatment.

Fold each bed sheet in half so that each is about 1 foot wide when folded. Secure the edges of the folded sheet using the packing tape to maintain the fold.

Tie each sisal rope to a corner of each of bed sheets and wrap the knot liberally with packing tape to maintain the knot.

Slide one of the sheets under the cow behind its forelimbs and the other under the cow just in front of its utters.

Pull the ropes attached to each bed sheet outward toward a fence post on the cow's pen, to pull the cow upward. Secure the ropes to the fence post by tying them and reinforce with packing tape, if desired.

Push the raised cow forward by its hips to cause it to lift its own body weight and stand, so that it can walk or be lifted to treatment.