How to Build Steps for Your Dog

Small dogs, as well as older dogs, can have difficulty accessing elevated locations. Build a set of steps for your dog to help him to avoid injury, and make it easier for him to use these spots. You can buy different types of doggie stairs, but not all of these accommodate the various situations your pup will enctouner. Pre-made doggie stairs are also more expensive than those you make yourself.

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Step 1

Clamp the two 18 inch x 36 inch plywood pieces together. Measure and mark a step pattern onto the top board. Measure and mark six inches tall, then 12 inches across, then six inches tall, and so on until you make the last 12 inch mark across that will be the top step.

Step 2

Use the circular saw to cut out the pattern that you have made. Remove the clamp to reveal two identical side pieces.

Step 3

Attach the 2 inch x 2 inch x 12 inch posts along the inside of each section of the plywood. Line one edge of the post along what will be the back of the step assembly, and continue horizontally, making sure the posts are even with the 12-inch section of the step cutout. You will be attaching three pieces per piece of plywood. These will be the supports for the step pieces. Use three screws per post, spaced evenly.

Step 4

Attach the two 2 inch x 2 inch x 15 inch posts along the back section vertically. Line the edges flush on each side. They should also be flush with the edge that sits on the ground. Use three screws for each side.

Step 5

Attach the two 2 inch x 2 inch x 4 inch posts. These pieces are vertically attached flush with the inside section of the bottom step. Two screws are appropriate.

Step 6

Sit the sides up, using some sort of a prop, in the proper position for final assembly. The sections where you will be adding the step portions should be facing you.

Step 7

Attach the three 12 inch x 15 inch boards on the step supports, one at a time, starting at the bottom and working up. You should be putting the boards toward the back sections of the bottom and second steps. Use two screws per side for each board.

Step 8

Attach the 6 inch x 15 inch board to the bottom step, flush against the 12 inch x 15 inch board. Use two screws per side.

Step 9

Attach the 15 inch x 18 inch board to the second step flush with the 12 inch x 15 inch board and using two screws per side.

Step 10

Measure the step sections and the carpet pieces, cutting off any extra from the carpet. Mark the backs of the carpet pieces for each step.

Step 11

Attach each piece of carpet to the corresponding step using the staple gun and staples.