How to Build a Goat Pen

How to Build a Goat Pen. Fencing is expensive, so plan your goat pen to last and to hold other animals if needed.

Decide on the fencing material - hog panels, hog wire, barbed wire, electric fencing or a combination.

Mark and measure the perimeter of the area to be fenced.

Mark the location of the gateposts.

Place a strong post at each corner. For large fenced areas of stretched wire of 50 feet or longer, build an "H" brace at each corner to hold the tension of wire. For smaller spans of wire, bury each corner post in cement.

Place two strong posts at the gate - one to hang the gate on and one to latch the gate to.

Place metal "T" posts or wooden posts every 10 feet.

Nail or tie the fencing to the posts.

Stretch all wire as tightly as possible to keep animals from making holes in the fence.