How to Build a Hummingbird House

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Hummingbirds don't use conventional type bird houses, they much prefer their homes to be open. That is good for us bird watchers because it allows for an complete view as they come and go and raise their young. Hummingbirds make their nests in the fork of the branches on a tree. They don't like a lot of wind and their nests can't be open to a downpour, so proper placement of your hummingbirds new house is also important. This nesting station by itself will not attract the bird, however, their are plants and feeders you can use to get them to your yard.


Step 1

Cut your piece of copper pipe at about 12 inches. At one end take a hammer and flatten the end. Drill a hole for your wood screw. Bend the pipe to form a half circle leaving about 3 1/2 between the top and bottom and extending the extra few inches out straight. At the bottom of the half circle, you need to make a corner leading to the piece that goes straight. Right after the corner, flatten about 3/4 with a hammer and drill another hole, this time for your bolt.


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Step 2

Flatten a 3/4 circle in the remaining piece of pipe at the center and drill for your bolt. Bend the pipe at each side of the flattened part to form a V.

Step 3

Attach your two pieces of pipe with the bolt coming from the bottom and nut being on the top. The bolt should stick through just a little. Take a couple of cotton swabs and hot glue them to the bolt sticking up. The pieces should look like a fork in branches. They will use two to build their nest on and the other to stabilize the house.


Step 4

Cut your water jug and use one of the flat sides for the roof. You can get fancy here and make it look like leaves and paint it green or brown and make it look like branches.

Step 5

Drill a hole through the center of your piece of dowel. Now you can put it all together. At the top of the pipe place your roof, then the washer and last the dowel. Put your wood screw up from underneath and screw into an eve of your house or shed. Pick the side that has the least amount wind and a couple inches away from the wall. Now all you have to do is wait for your hummingbird.


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