How to Build Quail Laying Pens

Quail are small game birds that can be raised for their meat or eggs. They are an excellent choice for a backyard growing operation, as they require very little space. A laying pen is a cage designed to house adult quail while they breed and lay eggs. Quail cages are generally suspended a few feet off the ground to help protect them from predators and to make it easier to clean the cage.


Step 1

Saw a length of 1-inch by 1-inch lumber into four pieces 16 inches long, four pieces 24 inches long, and four pieces 48 inches long. Assemble the pieces into a box-shaped frame using wood screws.

Step 2

Cut a sheet of 1/2-inch by 1-inch galvanized steel cage wire into a square 48 inches by 24 inches using wire cutters. Staple the sheet to the bottom of the frame, placing one staple every inch or so along the frame.

Step 3

Cut a sheet of 1-inch by 1-inch galvanized steel cage wire into two squares 16 inches by 24 inches and three squares 48 inches by 24 inches. Staple these sheets into place to cover the top and sides of the cage.

Step 4

Cut a hole in the top of the cage large enough to admit the largest object you intend to place in the cage. Cut out a square of 1-inch by 1-inch cage wire slightly larger than the hole and wire it into place. This will act as the door to the cage.

Step 5

Mount three 10-inch shelf brackets on the wall where you intend to keep your cage using wood screws. The brackets should be placed 15 inches apart. Slide the cage onto the brackets so that the top of the cage rests on the brackets. The cage should be mounted at a height where you can conveniently reach into the cage through the top hatch.