How to Build a Training Tube for a Squirrel Dog

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Things You'll Need

  • Concrete wire

  • Hog Rings

  • Fan guard cover

  • Squirrel cage

  • Stainless steel cable

  • Ladder


Encourage your dog to use its sense of smell when hunting squirrels.

Make sure the tube is suspended high enough off the ground to discourage leaping up.

A good squirrel dog should point up at the tree base and bark to signal a treed squirrel.

The best breeds for good squirrel dogs are blueticks, redbones, mountain curs, Jack Russell terriers and rat terriers.

Only use the tube for temporary training. Dogs need to practice in the woods.

Do not encourage your dog to jump up the tree. Good squirrel dogs should only run and bark.

Keep training sessions short, don't over do it.

Several dog breeds are great at hunting squirrels.

Squirrel dogs are fast dogs capable of matching a squirrel's agility. Speed, size and an inquisitive nature are key traits to look for in a good squirrel dog. Not every dog therefore makes a good candidate for being a good squirrel dog. It takes a certain type of dog and loads of training using the right tools. Training using a tube suspended several feet high can be a great way to keep your dog focused on the squirrel and can help obtain the skills it takes for squirrel hunting at its best.


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Step 1

Make about five to six rings using the concrete wire. Each ring should measure about 42 inches in circumference. Attach them one to another using the hog rings so to form a 25- or 30-foot tube. Consider that each ring measures about 5 feet.

Step 2

Place the 25-foot long or 30-foot-long tube on the ground. Wrap the whole tube with poultry netting. Fasten the poultry netting to the tube using more of the hog rings.

Step 3

Block one end of the tube with the squirrel cage. Close the other end of the tube using a fan guard cover. Attach the squirrel cage and the fan guard cover to the poultry netting using other hog rings.


Step 4

Suspend the squirrel tunnel 7 to 8 feet off the ground, running it through a stainless steel cable. Use a ladder to tie the ends of the steel cable to two tree trunks.

Step 5

Put a squirrel inside the tube and allow your dog to run underneath the squirrel, chasing it back and forth. Praise your dog for barking.



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