How to Buy a Pet Monkey in Tennessee

By Rena Sherwood

Tennessee is one of the few states in America where owning a pet monkey is legal. However, owning a baboon or an ape (that doesn't have a tail) is illegal. Monkeys make horrible pets--they're undisciplined, loud and even dangerous--and so are abandoned. Many people who own monkeys as pets are animal rescue volunteers and workers who have to legally own the monkey before they can rescue them. Buying a monkey in Tennesse is still legal, although the ethics of such a practice are questionable. In order to rescue a pet monkey, even animal rescue workers resort to buying them.


Step 1

Find a veterinarian who has treated pet monkeys or other primates before. Pet monkeys will get sick and injured. You also will be legally responsible for keeping your pet monkey healthy.

Step 2

Get your home set up for a pet monkey to live in. Make it as if a toddler is moving in. You have to have past experience taking care of monkeys before you can bring one home. Monkeys are too dangerous and fragile to get one on a whim.

Step 3

Go online to find local classifieds selling monkeys or look at the classifieds in the local Tennessee papers. Buying monkeys is a private deal, as they are largely no longer sold in Tennessee pet stores. Only a very few stores will sell them.

Step 4

Check out the classifieds of some national exotic pet magazines (such as Critters USA), which often contain advertisements for pet monkeys and other exotic pets.

Step 5

Inspect the monkey before you buy it. Never buy a monkey sight unseen.The average price for a pet monkey is in the thousands of dollars.