How Can I Whiten Coral Found on Beach?

By Ryan McAlister

Coral is a sea creature that grows in reefs with other pieces of coral. These reefs are often home to many types of organisms, such as algae, sponges and barnacles. If coral dies, it may find its way to the beach where you can pick it up. Coral can discolor over time, so whitening it before use is recommended. Place cleaned and whitened coral in your aquarium or simply put it on display in your home.


Step 1

Place the coral in a container of cold, fresh water for three days. This will remove any sea life that is living inside the coral, along with removing dirt, debris and salt.

Step 2

Fill a large container with two parts bleach and one part water. You want enough to cover the coral completely.

Step 3

Soak the coral in the bleach mixture for 48 hours, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.