How to Take Care of a Chorkie Puppy

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How to Take Care of a Chorkie Puppy
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The Chorkie is a designer breed mix of Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier. Chorkies are small dogs, weighing around 10 pounds. They are energetic, affectionate and entertaining. The puppies are delicate and require a gentle touch. Training Chorkie puppies is a long process as housebreaking is often difficult. They are stubborn and require a persistence for proper training.


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Housebreaking Chorkies

Chorkies will respond to positive reinforcement like any other dog. They are however small, indoor dogs that will choose indoors over outdoors under some circumstances. Your Chorkie may defecate or urinate indoors when the weather is bad and does not like exposure to the cold. Prepare for these instances and clean the area thoroughly to remove scent and prevent a marking pattern. Feed at the same times each day and learn to read your Chorkie. He will become more active when he needs to release and you must take them outdoors. Provide a treat and praise when your dog goes outside. This pattern of positive reinforcement will encourage him to continue using the outdoor space.


Health Concerns

Hypoglycemia is a major concern in Chorkie and other small breed puppies. The issue is less relevant when they reach adulthood but it poses a serious risk to puppies and may result in a coma or death when left untreated. Monitor your puppy for energy loss and unusually lethargic behavior. Refusing food and water are also common symptoms. Immediately give the puppy sugar water or rub corn syrup on his gums to remedy the situation. Hypoglycemia requires immediate treatment. If the issue persists, take your puppy to a veterinarian.

Socializing Chorkies

Chorkies are social dogs but they are also protective. When your puppy bonds you, he will take on a protective role and show some aggressive displays when other dogs and people approach. Socialize your puppy with other dogs and children throughout his young life. This will prepare him for encounters as an adult. Your Chorkie will sometimes bark and snap at children and other people when he is not socialized. Beginning the process during the puppy phase creates positive social habits that carry through to adulthood.


Curbing Barking

Barking is a common issue with Chorkie puppies and adults. They respond to a variety of stimulus and are naturally vocal dogs. Curb barking with vocal commands. Vocalize the word "no" in a strong voice when your puppy barks. If the barking persists into adulthood, use a bark collar that beeps each time he barks. This will reduce the amount of barking but likely will not cease barking. You Chorkie likely will bark to some degree for life.


Do not use physical punishment for barking or housebreaking. Chorkies are small dogs and you will cause mental and possible physical harm. Focus on positive reinforcement to train your Chorkie.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.