How to Make a Cat Toy

By Cuteness Team

Kittens and cats stay healthier if they get lots of exercise, and chasing a toy will help them stay active. There are many expensive cat toys for sell, but there is a simple one you can make out of cheap or free materials. This toy can captivate a cat for a long time, but it's only effective if you have the time to wave it in front of the cat.

How to Make a Cat Toy
How to Make a Cat Toy
credit: Cuteness

Step 1

Cut a 1 to 2-foot length of the 1/4 tubing used for drip irrigation.

Step 2

Pop the quill end of the feather(s) into an end of the tubing.

Step 3

Add a dab of glue to the end of the feather.

Step 4

Swing the tube in front of the cat. The feathers will sweep through the air like a bird. The flexibility of the rod makes it easy to move and makes the feathers all that more elusive. If the cat does catch it, it won't harm itself by chewing on the tubing, and the feathers can be replaced.