How to Make a Cat Toy

By Cuteness Contributor

Kittens and cats stay healthier if they get lots of exercise. There are many expensive toys being marketed for cats. But here's one you can make for free that works like the best of 'em! (What I love about this is not the concept or the 'making' but how the thing soars so much more naturally than any similar toy I've bought!)


To make this cat toy, cut a one to two foot length of the 1/4" tubing used for drip irrigation. You can use old tubing, buy new or use a similar tubing. Just make sure the material it is made of is safe.

Crow feathers

Find a feather or two. In the spring the crows litter the ground with shed feathers as do some other larger birds. I wash the feathers for the sake of cleanliness but the scent is probably even more alluring to your cat if you don't.

One easy toy

Pop the quill end of the feather(s) into an end of the 1/4" tubing to make this cat toy. Usually it's tight enough to stay, but you can add a little glue if the feathers don't hold.

And that's all there is to it! When you swing the tube, the feathers sweep through the air like a bird. My cats find it irresistible and will chase it until they pant. The flexibility of the rod makes for gentle movement and makes the feathers all that more elusive. There's also nothing here to be harmful if your cat runs off with the feathers or chews the tubing. This is a simple way to make a cat toy that will provide hours of play.

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