How to Cauterize a Dog's Nail

Because a dog's nail contains a live tissue blood vessel or quick, a bleeding nail should be treated immediately. If the quick of your dog's nail has been cut during nail trimming or if the nail has broken, you can stop the bleeding by using several simple and inexpensive solutions.

Trim your dog's nails regularly to prevent nail breaks or painful walking.

Place an antiseptic solution or antibiotic cream on the bleeding nail.

Place the black end of a styptic pencil or two tablespoons of flour or cornstarch on the nail. These items serve as coagulants to stop the blood flow. Bleeding should cease within a few minutes.

Reapply antiseptic or antibiotic cream to the nail when the bleeding has stopped.

Wrap a cloth bandage around the dog's paw and secure with bandage tape.

Monitor your dog's nail for several days after the bleeding has stopped. If the nail is not healing or if your dog is limping, make an appointment to see a veterinarian.