How to Choose a Shih-Poo Puppy

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Don't pay a small fortune for a shih-poo. This is simply a mixed breed dog and there are many in the shelters all across America. This is not an AKC recognized breed. Rather it is a mix between two recognized AKC breeds.


Talk with owners of shih-poos.

The shih tzu has a loving and friendly personality.

The shih-poo is a cross between a shih-tzu and a poodle. It is considered a hybrid dog, or what used to be called a "mutt," or mixed breed. However, with the new designer breeds coming on the scene, people are willing to shell out a thousand dollars or more for a mixed breed dog with a cute name. The shih-poo has the intelligence of a poodle and the loving temperament of a shih-tzu.


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Step 1

Poodles are intelligent and loyal dogs.

Decide what type of dog you want. If you live in an apartment or small home, the shih-poo is ideal. If you are not looking for a dog to run and take long walks, the shih-poo is perfect. If you want a dog that loves your lap and will follow you around, consider the shih-poo. This is a dog who is more active than the shih-tzu, but loves to be cuddled.


Step 2

Check out the breeder. Never purchase a dog from from a pet shop or puppy mill. Pet shops often purchase puppies from puppy mills. Look for a well established breeder. Visit the breeders site and observe the living conditions. Check to make sure the pens, dishes and living areas are clean.

Step 3

Observe your potential puppy. Watch the puppy interact with other puppies in the litter. You want a lively dog but not an aggressive dog. Hold and interact with the puppy to learn what kind of personality it has. Look for a dog who seeks out interactions with you and wants to be around you.


Step 4

Examine the puppy's fur. The shih-poo usually has shorter fur than the shih-tzu with a little wave, but not a tight curl like the poodle. You will need to groom the shih-poo regularly. The fur is hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

Step 5

Examine the features. The shih-poo will have a longer snout than the shih-tzu. Avoid a puppy that has a discharge from the nose. Examine the eyes. If they are watery, avoid that puppy. The eyes should be bright and clear. Feel the puppy's belly. A healthy puppy will have a plump little belly. Feel the puppy all over. If it yelps when you touch it, something is obviously wrong.

Step 6

Take the dog to the vet. Most breeders have a contract with a vet for a free examination. Take advantage of this and have your new puppy checked out.