How to Clean a Dog Sprayed by a Skunk

By Gryphon Adams

Clean your skunk-sprayed dog with a specialty product or a tested mixture of common ingredients. There's no good time for having to de-skunk a dog and you might not be able to get a product made for neutralizing skunk spray as soon as you need it. Tomato juice doesn't work, yet a homemade recipe developed by chemist Paul Krebaum does.

Mix the 3-percent peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap in a pitcher for immediate use. Stir it gently, don't shake it.

Apply the mixture generously to the dog with the pitcher while it's bubbling, saturating her fur all over the sprayed area. Work the mixture through the fur with your hands.

Rub the mixture in vigorously to get it into contact with all the skunk spray in the fur for the most effective odor removal.

Hose the dog off as soon as you finish working the mixture through her fur. Leaving the mixture on too long can discolor her fur because of the bleaching effect of peroxide. Rinse her fur thoroughly and take care not to get the mixture in her eyes. Encourage her to look up, if possible, to rinse the top of her head with a low flow of water so the mixture runs down her back, not into her face.

Towel-dry your dog. Supply a dry towel and warm room for her to reduce the risk of chill until she's fully dry.

Get a skunk odor-neutralizing product as soon as you can if the skunk odor returns when the dog gets wet. Wetness activates the stinky chemicals in stunk spray. Use the de-skunking product according to its instructions and shampoo your dog afterward. Towel-dry her and keep her in a warm place until her fur dries.