How to Clip a Difficult Dog's Claws/nails

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Things You'll Need

  • Dog nail clippers

  • Dog treats

  • A helper


Try to clip the nails quickly, but carefully.

Clip a Difficult Dog's Claws/nails

How to clip your dogs nails without having to take them to the vet everytime!


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Step 1

If your dog is a bigger dog like mine (50-60 pounds), have someone strong lay the dog down on a bed or couch and have the person lay on top of the dog and obstruct their view so they don't know what is going on.

Step 2

Do the back feet first. They are easier and the dog can't see what you are doing. Start clipping only the clear part of the nail. If the toenail is black, only trim it a little because you don't know where the quick is at.

Step 3

In between feet or every so often if your dog is upset, give him/her a treat.


Step 4

Now for the front feet. Have the person sort of lay on top of the dogs head or have a pillow and/or blanket just so the dog can't see their feet. You should be able to grab the foot from under the pillow, blanket, etc. and start clipping away. Repeat for the last front foot.

Step 5

Give the dog some more treats.