How to Cure Pet Gas With Yogurt

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How to Cure Pet Gas With Yogurt
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Yogurt containing the bacteria Lactobacillus Acidophilus may especially help your pet's digestion. Some other ingredients to look for are Lactobacillus Casei, Bifido Bacterium, Enterococcus Faecium and Aspergillus Oryzae. Feeding your pet yogurt with every meal may add about $12 extra in pet costs a month. Give your pet yogurt when it is prescribed antibiotics.

How to Cure Pet Gas With Yogurt. The odor of pet gas can be a nuisance in your home and an embarrassment if visitors notice it. However, the answer to your pet's flatulence problem may be in your refrigerator. The ingredients of some types of yogurt have been shown to reduce pet flatulence and give you your great-smelling home back.


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Step 1

Buy plain, organic non-fat yogurt. Look for labels that indicate that the yogurt contains live and active cultures; these are the cultures which help digestion. Most pets should find yogurt easily digestible, but soy-based yogurt is also available at most grocery stores if your pet is lactose-intolerant.


Step 2

Include a bit of yogurt in your pet's meals. For cats and small dogs up to 14 lbs., add 2 tsp. of yogurt, medium dogs up to 34 lbs. should eat 1 tbs., a large dog up to 84 lbs. needs 2 tbs. and dogs over 85 lbs. require 3 tbs. per meal.

Step 3

Stir the yogurt into your pet's meals with a spoon. While most pets enjoy the taste of yogurt and consider it a treat, others may hesitate to try the new food. Give the yogurt a quick stir into the food so that your pet will need to eat the yogurt with its regular food instead of eating around it.


Step 4

Wait a few days to see a reduction in gas. Reduction in pet flatulence won't happen overnight. Note your pet's progress after about a week. If your pet's gas cannot be controlled with yogurt, take your pet to a local veterinarian. Excess gas may indicate a medical problem.


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