DIY Rabbit Toys

Rabbits are intelligent animals who crave social interaction and who will become bored without toys to keep them mentally stimulated. A bored rabbit often becomes destructive, digging carpet and biting furniture. Fortunately, you can ensure your rabbit has plenty to keep him entertained by providing him with homemade and inexpensive toys.

Homemade Rabbit Toys

Most rabbits love chewing, digging and shredding. You can make rabbit toys with materials you probably already have in the house:

  • Blanket. Maybe you have an old blanket you don't use. Many rabbits love digging, kneading and smoothing out blankets.

  • Cardboard boxes. A cardboard box provides entertainment and a safe place to hide and to nap. Each cardboard box should have at leasttwo doorways, which will provide your rabbit with a sense of security.Rabbits typically love to chew their cardboard havens, tearing up thefloor and expanding the doors with their eager teeth.

  • Phone book. A phone book promises hours of fun, especially if your rabbit likes shredding paper. However, keep an eye on your rabbit to ensure he doesn't ingest too much of the paper.

  • Toilet and paper towel rolls. Start collecting empty toilet and paper towel rolls. Remove any paper from the roll so your rabbit doesn't ingest it. Fill the roll with hay that your rabbit can dig out. You might even start a game of toss. Gently roll the roll toward your rabbit who may just pick it up with his mouth and toss it back.

Store Bought Toys

  • Baby toys. Head to your local discount store to stock up on inexpensive baby toys, including baby keys, that your rabbit can toss around. Only purchase sturdy toys that do not have small parts your rabbit can ingest.

  • Plastic slinky. Rabbits generally love to pick up a slinky with their teeth and toss it up and down.

  • Willow basket. Purchase an willow basket and fill it with shredded paper for your rabbit to the paper and to chew the willow. You also can offer your rabbit branches, which he can toss and chew, from untreated apple trees.

Rabbit Playtime

Most rabbits prefer doing things, including play, on their own terms. If you want to engage your rabbit, sit or lie down on the floor. Ignore him. He eventually will wander over to see what you are doing. Pick up the baby keys, for example, and gently drop them in front of your rabbit. He may grunt, pick the keys up with his teeth and toss them in the air. When he tosses the toy, enthusiastically praise him so he will learn that play is a positive experience.