Dog Run Ideas

There are several ways to make a dog run. The method you choose depends on what materials you have available or how much you are willing to spend. You should also consider the type and size of dog you have. If you have a small dog who is a digger, you may not want a kennel-type run--or if you use a kennel-type run, it should have a floor so the dog cannot dig out.

Wire Run

Purchase a dog cable with clips on both ends. Purchase two eyebolts. For this method to work, you have to have two solid items to bolt the eyebolts to. You can go from the house to a tree, the house to an outbuilding or from a tree to another tree. Cables come in various lengths, so measure the area where you wish to put the cable. Screw the eyebolts 5 to 6 feet high into the chosen solid structures. Clip a chain or another cable onto the main cable. Hook the dog to the hanging cable or chain. The dog can run the length of the cable.

Chain-Link Kennel

Build a kennel with chain-link fencing. These kennels can also be purchased premade. If you make your own, you can make the kennel the size you wish. The kennel can sit on the bare ground, or you can build it around a slab of concrete (this is better if you have a digger). You can leave the top open if the kennel is built under a tree or in a shady spot. If there is no shading in the area you choose for the kennel, put a tarp over at least half of the kennel to provide shading for the dog.


Fence in a portion of the yard. This works best if you have a large yard. Build the fence with privacy fencing. Add a gate with the lock only on the outside. The dog will not be able to undo the latch on the outside lock. If you have a digger, lay PVC trellis material on the ground, making sure it sticks out under the fencing at least 4 inches. The PVC trellis material allows grass to grow through the trellis material. Making sure it sticks out under the fence ensures that the dog will not be able to move the fencing, as she will not have access to the edges of the PVC material.