How to clean infected dog ear - This Really Works the Best!

By Cuteness Contributor

If you have struggled with ear infections with your dogs, the instructions below are the answer to your prayers.

Assemble you ingredients. The 91% isopropyl alcohol has less water than the normal type. If you can't find any of the 91% you can use the normal type. For the boric acid and the Gentian Violet solution you should be able to find them in a natural type pharmacy or online.

Mix ingredients in a squeeze bottle and shake well. I used one of the ineffective ear treatment bottles I bought at the pet store.

16 oz Alcohol 4 Tablespoons Boric Acid powder 16 drops Gentian Violet Solution 1%

Squeeze into each ear and massage in for as long as you dog will allow or about a minute. Most likely your dog will shake its head spreading the excess liquid all over. I usually do this procedure in my dog walking clothes right before a walk. The violet drops can stain so doing this outside is highly suggested.

Suggested schedule:

2 x/day for 2 weeks 1 x/day for the next 2 weeks 1 x/month thereafter

You should see results right away. Less itching and scratching and thankfully less odor coming out of the ears.