Early Adopter: 10 Essentials for New Cat Owners

Congratulations—you've decided to adopt your very first feline friend! Despite the fact that you're new furry family member is small enough to cuddle in your arms, cats come with big needs, so make sure to plan ahead and outfit your pet's space with all the supplies he or she needs to feel right at home. Below, we're sharing the top 10 goodies your new kitty will need right away. The good news? These pieces are stylish and easy to incorporate into your thoughtfully decorated home!

mid-century litter box cover
Find out everything you'll need for your new cat.
credit: Carrie Waller
  1. LITTER: The very first thing your cat will need to settle properly into your home is a constant supply of litter. We love Fresh Step Cat Litter because the clean, discreet scent masks anything your pet leaves behind.
  2. FOOD/WATER BOWLS: Since you and your kitty will be dealing with food and water on a daily basis, why not choose something extra chic to keep out in the open? We think this bold and modern Cat Food Dish checks all the boxes.
  3. LITTER PAN: While shopping at the pet store, be sure to choose a litter pan that can contain your feline as he or she grows. This High Shield Litter Pan features extra tall sides for the ultimate in clean and contain-ability.
  4. CATNIP MOUSE TOY: Once you've made sure to outfit your cat's space with all of the essentials (think: litter, food, water), turn your attention to entertainment. This Catnip Mouse Launcher will have them playing in no time.
  5. LASER TOY: High, engaged activity at home equals a healthy cat, so give them something to get excited about. A Rotating Laser Toy will help them chase their pounds (and boredom!) away.
  6. LITTER BOX COVER: Litter and litter pans are essential, but not necessarily the prettiest of practical cat supplies. So, tuck your kitty's litter box away in this sleek Mid Century Modern Cat Litter Box Cover instead.
  7. SCRATCH POST: Distract your cat from clawing up the couch with this Natural Sisal Cat Scratch Cone. The rough, raw texture will do wonders for your feline's daily at-home "pet-icures"!
  8. CARPET/UPHOLSTERY CLEANER: There's no way around it—cats can't help but stain your carpet and seating from time to time. So be prepared with a non-toxic cleaning product like this Foaming Power Brush Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.
  9. FLOOR PILLOW: In case you hope to keep your own favorite seat in the house cat-free, give him or her an extra special place to while away the day. A Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow does the trick, and looks chic while styled casually in your home, too.
  10. FOOD CONTAINER: Last, but certainly not least, keep your kitty's treats and kibbles tucked away in a stylish "Nice Kitty" Ceramic Treat Jar. This printed container looks fresh amongst your décor, and your kitty will come to know its location in no time!
Black cat
credit: Carrie Waller