Easiest Way to Potty Train Puppies

A new puppy may seem cute, at least until it is relieving itself on your clean carpet. Veterinarian Dr. Race Foster at Pet Education states that nine in 10 American pets live primarily indoors, which makes potty training a necessity in most houses. While several potty training methods exist, for people who cannot stay home all day to be with their puppies, using potty pads is the easiest method. Foster recommends getting as involved as possible to speed the process; consistency will bring quick success.


Step 1

Purchase potty training pads at your local pet store and set them in convenient areas around the house. These pads have chemicals that encourage puppies to urinate on them. Alternatively, put down newspaper. Whichever option you use, put some next to the door that you want your puppy to use when it learns to relieve itself outside.

Step 2

Praise your puppy when it relieves itself on the potty training pads. The Daily Puppy recommends giving your puppy a treat or a quick belly rub.

Step 3

Pick up your puppy and move it to the nearest designated potty area if you catch it urinating someplace it shouldn't. Do not say anything as you do this. After it finishes on the potty pad, praise it.

Step 4

Move some of the potty pads outside once your puppy has gotten used to using them. Move your dog outside to relieve itself as much as possible. If you see it circling or sniffing as if it is about to urinate someplace it shouldn't, immediately move it outside.

Step 5

Choose a word and use it to encourage the dog to use the potty pads outside. Foster recommends saying, "Outside," before opening the door and ushering your puppy outside. Do not encourage your dog to play outside during these times; use the word solely for potty purposes. Say something else to get your dog to relieve itself, such as "Potty" or "Hurry up." Dog Owners Digest recommends softly praising your puppy as it goes to the bathroom, and then praising it more loudly when it is done.

Step 6

Remove the potty pads from the house after your puppy has gotten used to relieving itself outside.

Step 7

Continue to use your key words such as "Outside" and "Potty" to encourage your puppy to go to the bathroom outside.

Step 8

If you catch your puppy having an accident, Dog Owner's Digest recommends saying nothing, as punishing your dog by saying, "No!" and ushering it outside will only encourage it to be more sneaky about urinating inside. Focus on preventing indoor accidents by regularly encouraging your puppy to go outside, especially after mealtimes.