How to Exercise an English Bulldog

Although English bulldogs tend to be a low-energy breed, it is very important to make sure they get regular exercise to avoid weight gain and other health problems.

How to Exercise an English Bulldog

Step 1

Purchase a harness at your local pet store. Because of a bulldog's build, it is better for them not to have a neck collar that might compromise their airway when tugged on.

Step 2

Walk, do not run. Do not be deceived by your bully's strong build or desire to play as a puppy. They have short legs, carry a good deal of weight and are prone to respiratory issues; having them run too much can cause them to overheat and/or go into respiratory distress.

Step 3

Play fetch. Most English bulldogs love to run a short distance after a ball, Frisbee or similar toy. Whether or not they bring it back to you may be another story.

Step 4

Go to a dog park. This is a great place for your bully to expend lots of energy while playing with other dogs. Make sure you bring plenty of water for him/her to drink. Also, keep an eye on the clock and your bulldog's breathing; he will probably need a break to drink and catch his breath long before he is willing to stop playing.

Step 5

Join a dog play group. These are offered at Pet Smart and other pet stores. This is a great way to socialize and exercise your bully in an air conditioned environment. You will also have the benefit of an instructor to explain the different ways the dog are communicating (such as how to tell when they are playing and when they are being aggressive).