What to Do for Fun With Your Turtle?

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What to Do for Fun With Your Turtle?
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Turtles are not naturally social with humans but they do have some fun perks. Turtles are entertaining when active and are fun to observe. Handling should be kept minimal but there are a few instances where handling will provide joy without harming your turtle. Water and land based turtles/tortoises are active feeders, swimmers and runners who provide fun entertainment by interacting with their environment.


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Racing Turtles

Take your turtle to an organized race or just race against a friend's turtle in the backyard. Turtle races are unpredictable and fun to watch. Turtle races are informal and often sanctioned as an activity during a festival or gatherings. Provide rewards for the winner as an incentive to get spectators excited as they cheer on their favorite turtle. Use a runway with walls on either side to encourage a straight line of travel. This also prevents you from losing turtles amidst the excitement.

Feeding Time

Make the most of feeding time by providing live insects as a meal or treat. Watch your turtle stalk and capture the insects in their cage. Turtles eat insects in the wild. Crickets and mealworms are a healthy addition to the diet. Although turtles are known as slow animals, they have a fast reflex and will capture moving insects with precise timing.


Fun in the Sun

Take your turtle outside and enjoy some natural sunlight. The turtle will forage in your garden and sunbath as you do yard work and absorb some rays. Keep an eye on the turtle or keep him in an enclosed space to prevent losing him. Turtles do have a habit of burrowing and hiding when you are not paying attention.

Have a Swim

Take your water turtle for a swim in a larger space than the aquarium. Use an outdoor kids-style pool or a large bin to create an open swimming area. Provide a perch where the turtle can rest and sunbath and let him swim in the big area for a few hours.


Do not release the turtle in an outdoor pond or lake. He may hide under natural structure and disappear for good. Always use a controlled environment.